Our International Donations

Our International Charity Donations 

2016 September-  Yearly Donation to Lions Club International Fund   1000.00

2016 October     -  Donation to Haiti Hurricane Appeal                 500.00

20-Feb-15              1-2-4 Loomba Project                    1,000.00   

15-Dec-14              Ebola Appeal                                 1,000.00

30-Sep-14              Save the Children                         2,781.56

7-Mar-14                 Flood Appeal                             1,500.00

1-May-14                LIBRA                                           200.00 - LIBRA project is long standing research into leukaemia by Kings College.

2-Jun-14                 Chernobyl Children                        592.50

19-Aug-14              Chinese Earthquake                       100.00

14-Nov-13              LCIF Phillipines Disaster                 2,000.00

11-Jul-13                District Multiple Youth Donation     168.00

The Loomba 1-2-4 project is a partnership between the Loomba foundation set up by Lord Loomba and the LIONS to support and promote a sewing machine appeal to empower disadvantaged widows around the globe.

Lions Support Nepal disaster 

Our Donkey Derby Net profits allowed us to donate 3,500 to help Nepal. 

This donation will be managed by the local Lions teams in Nepal