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As many know there is to be a major extension to our Community Centre at Hayling Park starting probably early New Year to which we were able to donate.   This should bring many extra services to the community when completed.

We are again supporting the children who every year come from Chernobyl, they are still suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl disaster are brought to this country and the Hayling Lions will take them for a day.  We will take dozen to Asda and allow them to choose new clothes.   They will also be coming to the community shop to see if anything fits them there


Lions Clubs in the House of Commons

There is a Lions Club known as the Palace of Westminster Lions Club whose members are MPs and each year, Lions from throughout the UK are invited to a meeting in the Gladstone Room to celebrate the union between The United Nations and Lions Clubs International.  It was 24th October 1945 that Winston Churchill, Harry Truman and other world leaders signed the UN charter.   This was followed by Lions clubs and a few other Non Governmental organisations being asked to write the charters for associated committees.

The Association of Lions Clubs concentrated upon UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and ECOSOC as they embodied the one objective of Lions “To create and foster a spirit of understanding amongst the peoples of world”.   It is of interest to note that the International President of Lions represents more countries than are in the UN.


The Association of Lions Clubs are always in a position to react immediately where there is a Disaster providing that there are Lions Clubs in the area.    In Nepal there are more that 250 Lions clubs amounting to almost 15,000 Lion Volunteers.   We do not yet know exactly how many lost their lives.     At the request of the Lion Governor of Nepal a sum of $100,000 was transferred the same day to be used for those in need of help.

It is estimated that some 60,000 people have lost their homes.   There is no doubt that Lions will be working there for many years to rebuild the infrastructure as they are still doing in Haiti

Clearly they will require much financial help but as with most disaster areas, the immediate problems relate to shelter from the elements and clean drinking water to avoid the spread of disease.   The UK Lions have a project promoting the use of a piece of equipment costing around £200 each.   It is like a jerry can but has an activated carbon filter capable of accepting impure water and converting it to drinking water.   It can deliver between 15/20,000 litres before the filter needs changing.   The UK Lions have already sent 280 such cans.

Hopefully the normal water supplies will be repaired to prevent the spread of diseases such as Cholera before the carbon filters are exhausted.

Having confirmed that the immediate actions have taken place to contain the situation somewhat, the Hayling Lions have donated a further £2500 to supply more drinking water Jerry Cans together with a further £500 To assist Wateraid engineers with their work in Nepal.  

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One of the major objectives of the Association of Lions Clubs is to eliminate preventable blindness. This all began in 1927 when HELEN KELLER spoke at a Lions International Convention. She asked that Lions worldwide should become Knights to the Blind. The request was acceptedand a recent assessment has shown that over the passing years, Lions working with other helpers have used cataract surgery to restore sight to 7.7 million people.

Further successes in this area include the prevention of vision loss to 30 million people and a further 271 have been treated for river blindness.

In recent years 660 eye clinic hospitals have been built and another training hospital in Korle Bu, West Africa is opening with help from Moorfields Eye Hospital to treat 27 million people who need eye surgery. Finally, 681,000 eye surgeons and health workers have been trained .

All the above statistics uphold the Lions motto ‘We Serve’ and demonstrate success over 90 years as people are helped , irrespective of colour, creed or political persuasion, both locally and in parts of the world where such assistance is required.

The link to the Lions International page sight programmes is here. 


Hayling and other Fellow Lions clubs in the Southern collecting route of the UK Lions, gather together greater than 100,000 pairs of spectacles (plus hearing aids and mobile phones). The running total now stands at 2,823.150 over the thirty-three years of SpecTrek. The Southern collecting route is organised by Petersfield Lions.