Presidents Message

A message from the past President

changeover1  Our President Cathy receiving her chain of office from past president Jenny


Fellow Lions, past presidents and friends, thank you for electing me to be president of the Hayling Lions in this our 19th year, it really is an honour.  As you know I am fairly new to the Lions and so will need all your help, support and guidance in the coming year, to continue to make this club as successful as it has always been.

Talking of success did you know that in 2015/16 you very successfully organised over 30 events some fundraising some welfare some PR and of course some social. You managed and staffed our Community Shop and raised almost £50000 enabling us to support so many people and so many good initiatives on Hayling. You launched our quarterly newsletter and improved our website as well as recruiting 4 new members. Every one of you contributed to all of this in some way, so an amazing achievement.

For the coming 12 months I do have four specific areas that I would like to propose that we are involved in, some of which we have already started on. The first of these is Dementia and Alzheimer’s awareness there is so much to be done to help in the understanding of this in all communities and Pearl as our Dementia Officer has already started on this.  The second area is Prostate Cancer Screening, we have previously discussed this and Reading Club who has run this event has agreed to help us. The third area is again a local focus and is about Mental Health and Young People so far we have not started on this. The last item is fundraising for Hearing Dogs which I hope will be next Spring. Of course these things can only happen with your support and we will go into more detail at our Business Meeting.

During my year as president I hope that we will also become more involved with the other clubs in our Zone and of course we will have to make some decisions about our Centennial Projects.

Together I hope we can build on what we already do so well whilst encouraging some new ideas and ways of working together.