Obtaining our help:

Many of the requests for our support come from individuals and Social Services as well as local schools and clubs. 

If you think we may be able to help you, or someone you know, or an organisation you are involved in, please use the form on the contact us page. Your query will be referred to our Welfare Committee who carefully assess requests for funding and other assistance and, where applicable, recommend these to the whole club for discussion and approval.


The newly revamped Play Park area in West Town Park was officially opened on Sat 14th July by Cllr Michael Wilson.  This is the third and final park to be re-furbished using the Play Parks for Hayling Fund.  This was set up by the then mayor Cllr Leah Turner who thanked the Lions for providing her in the beginning with much needed money to  update the Skate Park, then Mengham Park and finally West Town Park. Lion President Marilyn Skennerton  is seen here with Clly Leah Turner. 

bike2        bikehayling  

Hayling Lions found a bike for Nicole whose bike had been damaged. Hayling Cycle ensured it was in a road worthy condition, added lights and here a smiling Nicole can be seen ready to go. The second of the bikes that were donated to Hayling Lions to find a good home for was collected this afternoon by Jason who is a pupil of the Hayling College.  Jason's bike was stolen a few weeks ago so he was delighted with the gift of this bike which means he can get to and from school again by pedal power instead of foot power 

Havant Lottery 


Havant Borough Council recently launched a local lottery and the Hayling Lions were accepted as a nominated beneficiary of some of the funds. Anyone purchasing a ticket may name the charity of their choice 

President Derek Knight presenting a cheque to the Head of Mill Rythe Junior School. They had applied to the Lions for funding for a school project

20170914 091855

Sailing Therapy 

A few residents from Seabreeze House took to the water with Sailing Therapy on a boat especialy adapted for people with disabilities including wheelchairs. It was a gloriously sunny day with no wind so promised to be lovely trip.

The Lions had paid for this annual trip and our President Lion Derek Knight came to wave them off.

20170916 101357

Lion President Derek Knight presenting a cheque to Colin Rainford, Head of the Hayling College.

 The Lions financed books from The Book Trust for every Year 7 & Year 8 pupil to encourage and improve reading


Toys and Fire Engine to Africa

Adam Yates and Teddy Seymour both from Portsmouth will, later this year, will be taking part in the Banjul Challenge. This is in its 14th year and involves vehicles of all description racing through many countries and eventually arriving at Banjul in the Gambia.

 This year Adam and Terry decided to use a 1992 Saxon Fire Engine named Squirtle. On completion of their journey they are donating it to the Gambian National Fire Departtment where it will be placed in service to provide fire, rescue and outreach resources to both local and remote towns and villages

These 2 lovely madcap guys were at the 999 Day. They explained there was no point in taking an empty fire engine all the way to the Gambia so they were looking for suitable items to fill it the Hayling Island Lions Club were more than happy to help and donated children's toys and books. 


Growing  together Competition

All 5 Island schools entered and the standard was very high. The Lions sponsor the competition.


Mengham Junior School were the winners of the Growing  together Competition. 

Mill Rythe

Mill Rythe Junior School came second.  

Helping the local donkey sanctuary

We presented the Donkey Sanctuary with a cheque for £2,500 for a new donkey shelter.

Paul and Tracy  are looking after 15 donkeys at the moment with 3 more arriving this evening. The donkeys being rescued have suffered at the hands of previous owners but are being cared for now, 4 new shelters are needed and Tracy and Paul are fund raising as hard as they can. They take the donkeys to schools, nursing homes and anywhere that they are invited. They also take part in the Chichester Christmas Event where they build a stable and enact the nativity. They take their donkeys to Donkey Derby's where they have all the necessary paperwork and insurance.  They have started an Adopt a Donkey Scheme to raise more money. They have visitors come at the weekend to generally help out.

13th May Prostate Screening

IMG 0968rev   psalons 

Hayling Lions and PC&SO PSA Testing Event 10.00am to 2.00pm 13th May Hayling Island Community Centre

Hayling Lions teamed up with the Prostate Cancer and Support Organisation (PC&SO) to provide PSA testing for men aged 45 to 75 and tested 161 men. There is not a routine testing programme from the National Health Service.

The testing was carried out by trained nurses taking blood from a vein in the arm, this is being analysed at Queen Alexander Hospital, Portsmouth and the results will be posted to the man in around 10 days.

Without screening 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. It is now the leading cancer found in men. Almost 11,000 men die of this disease annually, one every 48 minutes. Caught in the early stages, cure rates are dramatically improved with over 80% success.

It was a very successful event and we had excellent support from Alan Knight MBE the Portsmouth former footballer who is Portsmouth Club's Ambassador, he dropped in as did our deputy Mayor Councillor Pete Wade and our Conservative MP Alan Mak. We asked Alan to find out from the Minister for Health when or if the NHS might introduce routine testing for men it costs approximately £20.00 for each test including the analytical work and administration. We will keep you posted on any reply.

PCaSO would like to thank everyone for the donations they made and Hayling Lions would like to thank all 161 men who came for testing as well as PCaSO and all the Lion volunteers for making the event a big success.

Young Carers

young carers

Not every one is aware that some teenagers, and even younger children, are carers for an adult in their family. There is a Young Carers support group on the Island which meets every week with members from 'Off the Record'. When funding was about to run out the Lions agreed to step in and provide the finance needed to support the group until the end of the Summer term.

Helping Out

Hayling Lions agreed an emergency payment for a lonely widow without family, who could not get out of her home, for a budgie to keep her company.


Hayling Young Carers

We went to the Hayling College to present a cheque to the Young Carers. These pupils meet once a week at a session run by  Off the Record.  These  sessions were ending due to cut backs in funding.  The Lions stepped and agreed to finance the sessions until the end of the Summer term allowing the group leader to source other areas of funding. A cheque for £2000 was presented to them at their last meeting.


Chichester Spek Trek

Lion President Jenny Thorn and Lion Marilyn Skennerton accompanied the Mayor of Havant Cllr Leah Turner and her escort Andy Cousins to the Spektrek Centre at Apuldram. Lions Clubs from all over Great Britain and Ireland collect spectacles through out the year and send them to Chichester which is one of the collecting points across the country.

It is here that members of the Chichester Lions Club sort and pack around a million pairs of spectacles a year which will eventually be sent to Africa and India amongst other countries to help those people with sight problems. 

 The glasses make such a difference to the life of people who live in poorer parts of the world.  It enables them to find work and contribute financially instead of being a burden to their families. Link to www.chilions.org.uk

spektrek2016 1       spektrek2016  

Hayling Lions Advising Havant Mayor's Community Chest

‘Havant's new Mayor Leah Turner has chosen not to raise money for national charities because it will be small fry to them but will make a big difference to local causes. Money raised will go into a community chest and will be distributed by the Havant and Hayling Lions Club. That way it will go straight to the places that need it most. Cllr Turner has lived on Hayling since 1978 when she arrived to work a summer season at the holiday camps.

Scouts New Kitchen

The kitchen in the Scout Hall needed replacing so the Lions made a contribution to top up the fund raising which had already taken place.
Lion President Jenny went to officially declare the kitchen open with help from Jacob, Elliott, Reuban, Albert, Ted, Frank and Felix. Also in the picture are Young Leader Megan and adult leaders Jen Ford and Kerry Rogers. All are members of the Maple Beaver Colony.

beaverkitchen2016          beaverkitchen112016

Trim Trail - A Dream Come True Opened Jan 18 2016

trim trail     Jenny on the trim Trail Just Completed!     1t Customer     The Trail      

Mrs Wendy Bolton, her staff, the parents and the pupils have worked very hard with fund-raising events for those three years and expected to continue to do so for some years to come. However, thanks to a large donation from the Hayling Lions, the trim-trail will be built in October this year.

What is a trim-trail? It is a wooden play structure which provides a series of challenges to include bars and steps, ropes, jumps and balances all built on a safe surface which can be used all year round. 

Mengham Junior School chose a local firm – Garden Karma- to design and make this play structure which will encourage exploration and discovery, role play and fun, and enable all pupils to increase in confidence as they experience team building and new challenges.

The trim-trail will be used by pupils during break and lunch times. Members of the groups which hire the school hall, e.g. cubs and brownies, will also be able to experience the fun!

Mrs Bolton is extremely pleased with the donation from the LIONS. ‘We’re really thrilled. It was a dream and would have taken us years to raise all the money.’

The Winning Garden!

The Lions are delighted to be sponsoring and working with the Horticultural Society and the Schools Growing Together Project .  4 of the 5 Island Schools took part in the Annual Garden Competition with the theme this year being 'A Cottage Garden'. The schools are supplied with a number of plants relevant to the theme then it is up to the children to add more and produce a garden.

Cheque presentation    Mengham Junior School  

 The gardens were all amazing but the garden from Mengham Junior School stood out as being exceptional. Their flowers were glorious, the flower bed weeded, the plants dead headed and the variety of plants they chose encouraged all sorts of insects. They then took the theme a step further and painted the outside of their shed to represent a cottage complete with windows, a chimney, a beehive and lastly a clothes line complete with washing.

 The children worked so hard but it wasn't only in the garden. They turned it into a school project including the Maths Department, the English Department, the Art Department and the IT Department.

The picture shows our President Lion Jenny Thorn presenting the winning cheque to Wendy Bolton, Head Teacher of Mengham Junior School.

Congratulations must also go to Mengham Infant School, Mill Rythe Infant School and The Hayling College for also producing a high standard of work in their gardens.

St Mary's church

Lions Present cheque to St Mary's

  Lions present a cheque for £1,000 to Alan Hoad of St Mary's Church.  The church are raising funds to build a community room at   the side of their church which will also accommodate toilets. At the moment the only toilets available are in the church hall             across the main road. This is not ideal for either young children or the elderly. 

The list below gives an idea of the types of support we have given previously:

Community Projects

       message in a bottle 
         PROVIDED FREE by your Local Lions Club

The Message in a Bottle scheme is a simple idea designed to encourage vulnerable people, or those living on their own, to keep their basic personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location where they can easily be found in an Emergency.

   Click Here to view the document Message in a Bottle Handout

New Defibrillator at Hayling College

The Lions were proud to have been asked if they would consider purchasing a defibrillator to be installed on the wall next to the Sports Hall attached to Hayling College. It was felt that with so many groups and individuals using the college for their activities (especially sports related), it was essential that this piece of equipment was made available to all.

We readily agreed and this life saving piece of equipment is now in place and ready for use by both the college and the general public.

Anyone dialling 999 and reporting a suspected heart attack will be given a code to open the cabinet containing the defibrillator. Clear oral instructions are given on how to use the equipment.

Survival rates for heart attack increase by a staggering 75% when a defibrillator is used within the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest.

It enables the patient to be treated whilst waiting for First Responders and the ambulance service.


      The picture below shows two of our Lions with the new defibrillator                


    We help organise the collection of unwanted pairs of spectacles for spectacle recycling bySpecTrec, run by Chichester Lions Club

    In 2015 Chichester sent over 300,000 pairs of spectacles to Medico France. Through Chichester, the UK lions clubs provide more than 50% of the spectacles processed by Medico France - more than any other national group including France itself... with your help.

    They select the items that are suitable for recycling and sort them in preparation for onward transmission to Medico France in Le Havre. Medico France have the necessary equipment to clean and grade the spectacles ready for use in eye camps in Africa, India and Eastern Europe.


                                                                       We collect old spectacles at our Community Shop.

    Previous Projects

                                               santa at mis

                                                                  Santa arriving at Mengham Infant school to hand out presents  

    High Rock Project

High Rock Climbing Wall

The Lions were delighted to be part of the successful bid for funding for the High Rock Project

St Andrews Football Club

2015football2                              2015football  

The pictures show Jenny the Lions president presenting a cheque for £400 to Hayling United Junior Football Team.  They are mostly aged 5 and 6 years old. We sponsored their kit, their goals, their balls and their training equipment, in 2015.

The patience and dedication of all who help and are related to the operation of the club bring so much more than how to play football.

It gives them competition and the will to learn to win.  It teaches that success comes from effort as well as working with others.   It gives them adults whom they trust and can speak with if they have a worry.   The coaches and managers indeed all associated with the club bring far more than football skills.   The Lions and others who had the privilege of being present knew that his was something special and the Adults should receive praise as well as the youngsters

The coaches and manager deserve a pat on the back for the number of hours that they give up week in week out to spend with these youngsters. For some of these young lads this is the only structured part of their lives and many have no other male influence so the football becomes even more important to them.

Piranha live

Pictured below are organisers Lion Jill Stembridge, Kevin Swiburn, David Hawkins and Lions president Cherry Elliott.

                                         Piranha live 106

Hayling Lions was the chosen charity for the Piranha Live 3 day Marina-side Music Festival 2014

The inaugural ' Piranha Live ' music festival was a huge success thanks to organisers Kevin Swinburn and Jill Stembridge, the management at the marina-side Piranha Bar, and the Lions were selected as the charity of choice for donations on the day.Over 1000 people came to the event held over 3 days from Friday 12th July until Sunday 14th with over twenty acts taking part both inside and outside the restaurant after sun-set. A lot of hard work for the organisers with so much to do but what a  Fantastic Success.

Focusing Attention on Preventing Blindness and Improving Sight

World Sight Day is celebrated worldwide on October 9. 

Lions Clubs International will officially mark Lions World Sight Day in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 14.

Lions around the world will mark World Sight Day with a variety of activities during the entire month of October.

Since 1998, Lions World Sight Day, held annually in October, has focused attention on eliminating preventable blindness and improving sight. On World Sight Day, Lions clubs around the world conduct special sight-related projects including: